We are a design studio

that specializes in making your brand stand up, stand out, and stand for something.


    that specializes in making your brand stand up,
    stand out, and stand for something.

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Who We Are

Volgram has been providing creative web-based solutions to our clients. Our flexible service approach guarantees "web sites any way you like," giving you only the services you need — not the ones you don't.

In the years since our inception, Volgram has managed the design and development of web sites and database applications in South East Asia, aiding our clients in realizing their online visions. We have over 50 years of combined in-house expertise in the creation of web-based applications, e-commerce web sites, client/server applications and databases for all types of businesses.


There are two sides to every web site: the one you see and the one you don't. A web site's front-end is the one you see in your browser; it's the polished, branded presentation of a company's capabilities often featuring pictures and dynamic graphics. The back-end of the site is the one you don't see; it's the engine that runs all of the intricate processing required to support the site. It's rare to find a company that can provide both the slick front-end and the solid, system-integrated back-end all in one place. That's where Volgram is different. We do it all, and we do it all together in one project so that your web site perfectly represents your company's online vision.



Adrian Sandyson

Senior Web Dev.

Paul Anka

UI/UX Designer

Dusan Linde

System Adm.

Bayman Arning

Senior Web Dev.

Sam Battousai

Senior Web Dev.

Sally Park

Copy Writer

Dan Lee


What We Do

There are a lot of good websites out there. But for every successful one which charts the top of Google and
other search engines, there are literally thousands that fall through the net. Don't be that forgettable statistic.
At Volgram, our aim is to make you visible and visitable. Here's how we do so.

Web Development
Graphic Design
Web Marketing
Content Writing
Mobile Apps
Internet Servicing
Multi Services

Just like Helen had a face that launched a thousand ships, a business with the right web look can launch a million hit rates.
Development means sitting down with our clients and determining the overall message and conversion goals of the website.
We help shape your core competencies, ensuring that every wireframe carries your branding through.
Every font, color, image and widget used considers your average website user and ideal customer.
Our custom online solutions include:
Website Design | Flash Animations | Micro Sites | e-Newsletters | Blog Design | Banner Design
Internet Business Development | Online Campaigns | HTML/CSS Conversion | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
A thing of beauty is always appreciated. In this age of sensory overload, however, not all images are created equal – and stunning. Our designers, informed about the latest trends and technologies in design, turn mission statements into creative statements. Gunning for an original boutique appeal or a popular consumer design? Whichever the medium, communicate your brand visually and effectively with us.
Our graphic design services include:
Logos | Business Stationery | Flyers | Brochures | Posters | Calendars | Book & e-Book Covers | CD & DVD Covers | Invitations & Postcards | Presentation Materials | Illustrations | Website Design & Graphics | Electronic Media Promotion Components | Infographics | Signs & Stickers
Web 2.0 is a noisy place, and any effective marketing strategy is about making yourself heard and listened to. Volgram marketing solutions integrate the top two ROI (return on investment) methods, email and SEO (search engine optimization), with social media marketing. Conceive campaigns targeting the right audience, boost visitor conversion numbers, build relationships on the Internet's social networks. Find a credible and winning voice on website, email, Facebook or Twitter with our help.
Our web marketing offerings include:
SEO Friendly Website Designs | Email Campaign Management | Website Updates to Maximize Traffic | Internet Marketing Solutions | Posters | Social Media Marketing | Web Content Writing
Even after launch, many websites still have content stuck at the lorem ipsum stage. When a visitor's attention wanders during the precious first few seconds of viewing, a potential sales lead becomes another one that got away. Even if you have the best services or products on the market. We make your content readable and engaging.
Today, people spend more time on mobile experience than on traditional web surfing. With our expertise in mobile apps development for major platforms like iOS and Android, we are ready to assist you in customizing a whole-package mobile application that will competitively stand out in the marketplace.
Cost-effective and reliable, Volgram web hosting offers top access speeds. Our expert web programmers and designers will ensure the best visitor experience at your sites. Locate affordable and attractive domain names on our call too. Our clients don't need to sweat the small stuff; let us handle the all the backend work and the technical demands.
Our web hosting services include:
CPanel Control Panel | Fantastico Deluxe Scripts | 99.9% guaranteed uptime | Free Customization | Reliable Service with Full Support | CGI-BIN (Perl) / PHP 5 / Frontpage Extension / Python / Ruby on Rails
Volgram is happy to assist you with:
Affordable Printing Solutions | Vector Image Creation from Jpeg – Vector Conversion | Freehand Drawing, Illustrations | Digital Painting | Photo Manipulation, Touch-up Services | Color Advise | and much more.

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